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DHLogo#DevonHour is NOT a media company.

It was set up by Steve and Jeanette who both have full time jobs themselves, as a way of trying to promote all the fantastic small and independent businesses across Devon.

Both social media users anyway, it was clear to them that a lot of smaller businesses were missing out by not promoting themselves as well as they could using social media.

The idea of #DevonHour is not unique at all. A number of other #Hours take place across the county every day and are very successful.

Our twitter account #DevonHour account can be found at and we tweet during the week, following new businesses we find and promoting them.

We will generally tweet their Bio from their twitter account so if you haven’t sorted out a good Bio yet, we suggest you do it soon. It helps a lot.

#DevonHour takes place every Wednesday evening between 8-9pm and everyone can take part. You don’t have to be a small business in Devon, you can come along and find out what’s going on around Devon anyway. You would be surprised how many great things there are to do and how many amazing people there are out there providing services to the people of Devon.

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