Who Are DevonHour?

Devon Hour was created by Steve and Jeanette in January 2013 as a way of trying to promote all the fantastic small and independent businesses across Devon. Both social media users anyway, it was clear to them that a lot of smaller businesses were missing out by not promoting themselves as well as they could using social media.

The idea of #DevonHour is not unique at all. A number of other county hours take place across the country every day and are very successful.

Our twitter account #DevonHour account can be found at and we tweet during the week, following new businesses we find and promoting them.

We will generally tweet their Bio from their twitter account so if you haven’t sorted out a good Bio yet, we suggest you do it soon. It helps a lot.

#DevonHour takes place every Wednesday evening between 8-9pm and everyone can take part. You don’t have to be a small business in Devon, you can come along and find out what’s going on around Devon anyway. You would be surprised how many great things there are to do and how many amazing people there are out there providing services to the people of Devon.


Mr DevonHour

Steve created DevonHour in January 2013. It was a bit of fun to start but it took of quickly and has continued to grow ever since. He values local business and local independent traders and wanted to do something to help. Steve is also the chairman of an Exeter based charity which gives grants to young people in Exeter in memory of Mark Marshall, a PCSO and territorial army solder who lost his life in Afghanistan in 2010.


Mrs DevonHour

Jeanette joined #DevonHour early in 2013, when Steve asked her to cover one evening & then asked her to stay on. Although Jeanette rarely does the actual ‘Hour’ she does tweet through the week, introducing new accounts that follow, and helping develop the account into a business. She is the ‘early bird’ of the team, covering the tweets in the mornings, enjoys networking online and in person. Jeanette is also a beauty therapist and is Co-ordinator of @seedsdevon

Stephen Kamalarajan

In January 2013 a new twitter account was born, that account was Devon Hour. The goal was to build a business network for local Devon businesses/ individuals to interact and to grow the profile of theses local businesses/ individuals. A virtual meeting place for businesses and consumers on the twittersphere to interact and create awareness of local brands.

20 months into its journey Devon Hour has 13,298 followers and is developing its own website. The individuals behind it work tirelessy prompting local business all through  the week. There is the weekly 20:00 – 21:00 Wednesday virtual meeting on twitter which is busy, there is the featured account of the week, where one local business is promoted and followers are made aware of what they do.

The salient point to take away from this is Devon Hour promotes all businesses in Devon, whatever size, whatever nationality and whatever reputation. They provide this information freely and in a professional manner.

In the 20 months Devon Hour has been running I truly believe that it has made Devon’s business community more accessible between businesses and the consumer.

Devon Hour will interact with anyone and not only are they informative but humorous to.

They should be held in the highest regard for the strides they have taken in such a short time and look forward to seeing this platform evolve.

The biggest compliment I can pay them is in period since Devon Hour’s inception that numerous other “hours” have tried to copy their platform with varying success. What I can say in the words of the title song from James Bond “The Spy Who Loved Me” – “ nobody does it better”

I thank them for their hard work and dedication, long may it continue.

Stephen KamalarajanStephen Kamalarajan on Twitter