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How does #DevonHour work?

Simply add the #DevonHour hashtag to your tweet during the hour and you’re taking part. Simple as that! @Devon_Hour will tweet ‘seeds’ and try to keep conversations flowing, but they can’t retweet everything (twitter has safety limits and we’re often sent to twitter jail!) so to read and/or participate in the hour you need to search for #DevonHour . We don’t control the hour we’re simply there to assist and gently nudge things along for everyone’s benefit.

What Do I Actually Do?

Just as you can do with any hashtag – search for #DevonHour in Twitter or set up a column to do so in your ‘tweeting’ software and you’ll be able to watch the hour unfold. For this reason it’s important to add #DevonHour to every tweet within the hour or it will only be seen in the usual way by your followers and even they may miss it if their attention is focussed on the #DevonHour stream of tweets.

If you think some of your followers may find your sudden increased and perhaps unusual looking tweeting a little bizarre, at the start of the hour you can announce something like ‘For the next hour I will be taking part in DevonHour – search #DevonHour – or see for details’. (Feel free to cut and paste that!). Once the hour is running, tweet whenever you choose to promote yourself. ‘RT’s are common during the hour of course, and the ‘Favourite’ function on Twitter can also indicate that you like something someone else has said, but doesn’t clutter your stream if you’ve been doing a lot of ‘RT’ing!

Can I Take Part in #DevonHour?

#DevonHour is setup to celebrate and discuss everything in relation to Devon but if YOU feel you have a connection to Devon or an interest in the area (perhaps as a visitor or commuter) then of course join in. We want to be inclusive and by Devon we are happy to include everyone in Devon, near Devon or who wants to be in Devon! It’s ultimately for you to define, not us. Individuals and organisations are equally welcome.

Do You Have a Set of Aims for #DevonHour?

Yes, to promote independent businesses, attractions, venues, shops, events and anything else Devon has to offer.

So when does #DevonHour take place?

Every Wednesday evening between 8-9pm. Don’t forget the hashtag and make sure your phone / Ipad / Laptop is fully charged!

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