People Of Devon

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We are People of Devon. Different kinds of people, from all over Devon, coming together to take over one Twitter account each week.

Every week a new person will take over the account, bringing you their take on living, working and playing in Devon.


Do you want to get involved with the People of Devon project? We’re looking for all sorts of people to take over the Twitter account for a week and tell the world about life in Devon.

There are some rules:

1. You must be willing to post at least twice a day, every day, for a week (running Mon-Sun). Obviously the more you tweet the better, as people will get to know you.

2. Please tweet about YOU. We want to get to know the people of Devon and what they get up to in the county. Please try and refrain from begging for followers. Followers will come with your tweets.

3. You must live, work or play in Devon, and you must be in Devon for the whole of the week you’re covering. We want to show Devon to the world, not the holiday you’re taking elsewhere!

4. You must agree to play nice on the account. No spamming, fighting or being obscene. Strictly no being mean about groups of people, be that racism, sexism etc. Generally bear in mind that it’s a family friendly account, and we’re trying to engage people, not alienate them.

5. You must be an active Twitter user already, or be willing to take a (very short and informal) workshop on using Twitter. This is so that you’re good to go and can concentrate on what you’re tweeting, not how you’re tweeting, and we can check you don’t spend all your time trying to flog McDonalds vouchers (i.e. you’re a real person, not a spambot!). If you don’t use Twitter now, don’t worry, it’s simple and we’ll happily show you.

If you’re interested, please email with your name, twitter ID, a brief reason why you want to be involved, and any dates you can’t do. We’ll then email you back!

Huge thanks to Nicholas Hayman for managing the People of Devon Account on behalf on #DevonHour

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